Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dirty Santa Party!

Last night we had our Dirty Santa gift exchange party at Emily Decker's house. The party was so much fun- great friends, food, drinks, and gifts! The hot ticket items were the pink Snuggie, some awesome smelling candles, and a black wallet. There weren't too many punches thrown though! ;) Merry Christmas!
Leah and the sought after pink Snuggie..and some great bath wash from Sephora!

Katie, Leah, Areta, Jess

Posing with their gifts, while others watch the action! I want that?

And that stealing begins! :)

Santa's Visit!

Last Saturday we gathered at the McLarty house for a Mom's & Tot's and Oh Baby! Christmas Party! Everyone had such a good time decorating sugar cookies, eating, and seeing Santa! Well, some enjoyed seeing Santa...others did not. :) We owe a big "Thank You" to Areta's husband, Allen, for playing the part of Santa Claus! He was such a trooper! Thank you Allen!!! It's party time!
Poor Bailey did not enjoy Santa much...

Jessie and Margo

Bella, Jessi, Margot, Caden and Erin

Getting the nerve up to go see Santa!
The older ones were glad to see Santa, Bailey is still not too sure!

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Kim, Sydney, & Savannah Alexander

Jenni & Bella Abt and Kyle & Madison Marsteller

Leah & Bailey Faulkner

The kiddos decorating their sugar cookies