Sunday, March 29, 2009

Girl's Night out at Dave's Pizza

On Tuesday we met at Dave's Pizza in Homewood for a Girl's Night Out. There were 15 of us and a few of us brought our little ones. We had lots of great food, lots of laughs, and enjoyed the wonderful evening. They had all of the windows open and we got to enjoy some nice spring air! (Sorry we didn't take more pictures than this!) Cheese! Some of the JCRMA crew.
Bailey & Leah Faulkner having fun at GNO! (I told her not to get used to it!)

Monday, March 23, 2009

April Moms and Tots

Moms and Tots met at Homewood Park on Saturday for a picnic. It was perfect weather outside, and the kids loved the field and playground.

Trying to catch toddlers in one picture is like trying to catch the wind! Melanie and Jack Thompson, Josiah Moseley, Caroline and Margaret and Cary Cherry, and Anna Lee and Wyatt Murphee. Megan and Will joined us after we snapped the picture.

Pretty girls in pink!

Wyatt and Josiah, swapping cars and trucks

Jack having a blast on the swing.

Wyatt and Jack in the tunnel

Peekaboo Josiah!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Oh Baby!

Robin hosted the Oh Baby! playgroup for the month of March. Oh Baby is for our smallest members, 0-18 months. Robin had a great play area with toys ready for the little ones. She also had chocolate chip cookies, apples, and chips & salsa for the moms! Such a special treat! (Although a few of the babies enjoyed them as well!) We had a great time! It's always a fun occasion!

Anna Peterson, Bailey Faulkner, Will Stuermann, Jack Thompson, & Josiah Moseley

Enjoying some play time!

They are too cute!