Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt

We had an Easter Egg Hunt for Moms and Tots this month. We dodged the occasional rain shower, but had a blast.
Most of the group: Melanie and Jack Thompson, Avery Lucas, Annalee and Wyatt Murphy, Graydon Lucas, Josiah Moseley, Adeleigh Lucas and Carter Aprahamian.

Jack finding some loot

Carter found some of the more hidden eggs

He racked up!

Wyatt made some good finds

Melissa looked awesome two weeks after having sweet Audrey!

Melanie and Jack with his cute frog basket

Josiah looked very proud of himself.

Wyatt wrapped up his hunt and moved on to the play set.

The Lucas kids showed up later and got to search for the eggs that were harder to find.

Cutie Adeleigh

Josiah and Jack, kickin' back after a long day of hunting and jellybean-eating.

Some of the goodies: Jello Jiggler eggs, pear bunnies, deviled eggs and the bunny cake.

Close up of the bunny cake

Cookie Swap--GNO

We had a Girls' Night Out at Katie Wigton's house this past Wednesday. We each baked (or bought) several dozen cookies and got together to share with one another! It was a fun night, and I know I was in a cookie coma for a couple days! Here are a few pictures!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

TS Walk

On Saturday, we participated in TS (Tuberous Sclerosis) Walk in support of JCRMA member Margaret Cox and her son Michael.

Robin and Anna, Leah, Josiah and Laura Leigh, and Megan and Will

These kids are ready to go: Anna, Josiah and Will. All with the sun in their eyes - sorry guys!

They also had lots of fun stuff for the kids afterward like face-painting and balloon animals and crafts.