Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Moms and Tots Fire Station Tour

A big thanks to the Mountain Brook Fire Department for our wonderful tour of their station for our Moms and Tots September event. It was a blast!

First we heard about their schedules and toured the inside of the house. Then they pulled the trucks outside and the kids got to climb all around!

Jack in the driver's seat!

Caden and Carter playing.

Becky and her girls, Lindy and Haley

Everyone got fire hats and badge stickers. Jack helped Josiah with his.

Caroline torturing Margaret with her hat.

Margaret managed to get it in her mouth though!

Erin and Becky listening to the fireman.

Grabbing some fun pictures of Natalie!

Joe getting into the truck.

Jack and Josiah checking out the inside.

After the tour, we wandered over to Zoe's for lunch. What a fun day!