Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ducks and Donuts

Our Moms and Tots event this month was Ducks and Donuts. We met up at Krispy Kreme for a sugar fix and then headed over to Aldridge Gardens to wander and feed the ducks (and turtles and humongous fish).
The whole crew: Seema and Rohan, Leah and Bailey, me and Josiah, Jessie and Margot, and Melanie and Jack.

Josiah and Laura Leigh

Melanie and Jack

Leah and Bailey

Seema and Rohan entertaining Bailey

Bailey, Jessie and Margot

Jack being king of the donuts!

Leah and Bailey

Sweet Bailey

Melanie and Jack

Seema and Rohan

Margot taking her mom for a walk!

Josiah digging the duck statues.

The boys watching the waterfall.

And feeding the ducks!